Shopping for a car? Before you decide on a dealership, make sure to get the right answers to these questions for car dealers in Maine:

Do You Offer Financing?

Most people don’t have thousands of dollars lying around that they can use on a car. This is why financing is a great option, as it lets you pay off a vehicle over time.

Do You Have New and Pre-Owned Vehicles?

It’s always nice to have a lot of choices when buying something, especially a car. While you may think you’re set on a new vehicle, once you peruse our pre-owned inventory, you may end up changing your mind.

Do You Have Certified Vehicles?

Instead of a regular pre-owned model, you might be interested in a certified pre-owned vehicle. These models are quality to the core, as they have to pass a rigorous inspection for their certification. They also come with warranties and emergency roadside assistance.

Can I Lease a Car?

If you’re not sure which model you want or perhaps don’t want to be tied to just one car for very long, leasing could be a great option. This will let you drive a car for as little time as a year, at which point you can turn it in or start leasing something else.

Can I Trade In an Old Car?

If you’re looking to replace your current car, you need to figure out what to do with it. This is where trading it in could be very beneficial.

In addition to having the dealership take it off your hands, you can use its value towards the purchase of your new vehicle directly.

The answers to all of these questions are yes at Thompson Mazda in Waterville. If you have any others, feel free to contact us!